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Maskent Group , Maskent group of companies was founded 2003 based on the market requirement back then. We offer import and export services to manufacturers cigarette as well as drilling and producing oil all over Iraq .

Maskent has a growing group of customers, based in Erbil, Iraq, Turkey and other countries in Middle East. We are currently working with a number of projects which have created an impact on ultimate market plan of the region to further expand work opportunities for youth and bringing innovative business ideas to the area.

From the start of trading, Maskent has focused its activities on the International trade of Export and Import to different destination. Maskent has a long term business relationship with major companies, refineries and producers within the oil and gas industry.

The firm aims to supply businesses with a professional import/export service and has a team to help. The skilled team ensures clients receive an exceptional service. The service is intended to promote your business every time.

Our Business strategy helps to gain and supply these high quality service at a very competitive prices to our customers and potential buyers. Maskent has built tremendous relationship with the suppliers and partners in the market from different countries mainly and most importantly in Turkey. Fully integrated and self managed are the mine characteristics of Maskent group of companies.


To be the selected company in supplying products in any field we are working in.


- To provide our clients competitive and top quality services.

- To intensify the acceptability of our brands with clients and contractors throughout Iraq.

- To obtain growth through new ideas and new products.

- To set market strategy closer to our customer need.

- To constantly improve our business processes.


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00964 750 722 7272 - 00964 750 777 0038

Erbil, World trade center, 6th floor, office #5

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