Our core business mainly depends on producing and distrusting Oil Products, Cigarette (tobacco), Food Business, Sccrap Trading and Bricks.

Who we are, Maskent group of companies was founded 2003 based on the market requirement back then. We offer import and export services to manufacturers cigarette as well as drilling and producing oil all over Iraq .


is one of Maskent group of companies is focused on domestic trade of oil in the entire region.

Their products and service can be described as followers:

- Drilling and producing oil

- Supplying oil products required by the market

- Distributing Oil and its product through market and private sectors

- Transit arrangements for oil products


is one of Maskent’s Business line that aims to pioneer alternative and innovative formule of producing bricks locally and supplying them to our dedicated customers

- Concrete blocks

- Clay bricks

Food Business

We understand the sweetness of desert is beloved by our culture. in this spirit, we decided to bring your friends and family gathered around the table at Nutella +

- Waffle

- Crepe

- Donuts

- Cold Drinks

- Hot Drinks

- Ice Cream


Maskent manufactures and distributes cigarette in Dubai and Iraq through two main segments:
Operation process and importing to domestic market. First segment is take place in Dubai starts from row tobacco to manufacture the cigarette before delivering to Kurdistan. The company sells its products under the name of GMB


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00964 750 722 7272 - 00964 750 777 0038

Erbil, World trade center, 6th floor, office #5

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